Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Floral Workshops

I have taken the proverbial plunge and designed a series of Floral Workshops for home floral styling!

Yes... after much deliberation and consideration, I decided to do it. I've done workshops with children for so long, and so the time has come now to give working with adults a try!

From my experience working at the Florist, I discovered that so many people actually don't know very much about flowers - they either stick to buying the same things, spend money on the wrong things, or often waste money buying things they don't know how to look after. Not knowing how to look after fresh cut flowers or plants can be quite costly, so I've designed my workshops around all the questions people often ask at the florist, and added in some extra bonus activities - like how to make a vase of metal or glass, which I thought would be fun (and very appropriate seeing that I am facilitating the workshops and I love making things!).

Maybe one day, I might write an e-book with all the info I put into my workshops.

If you are interested to book in or read more details, please click here or in the link on the side bar of my blog.

The workshops will be loads of fun and make lovely gifts for anyone who loves flowers! Contact me if you would like a gift voucher.

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