Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gift Tags

How many times have you been stuck for a card or tag to attach to a gift? It happens to me all the time! And I handmake them - so I have no excuse!
I made a huge batch of tags for the florist where I've been working recently and they have been marching out the door tied on to all the bouquets of flowers!

They are sitting on the counter near the cash register and people seem to prefer these gorgeous little handmade lovelies to the standard florist cards.
There's something so nice about the handmade touch. It's quite interesting how handmade is really making a comeback in so many areas as we all look for that more personal connection in our everyday lives. You can't get that same sense of character from machine made stuff!

So now my workbench is full of papers, tools, glues, cutting mat scalpel and Stanley knife as I churn out the gift tags.
A couple of gift stores in my local area have already ordered to sell through their shops and to add to their gift wrapping service.

I've put them into my etsy shop in manageable packs of 10 or 25 and included postage in the price.

Grab a pack today and you will know you have them at the ready to tie on to your next gift!

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