Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Recent ATC's

Theme: Tickled Pink

Theme: Fractured Fairy Tales

Theme: Gypsy

I've made so many ATC's but keep on forgetting to take photos.... must get better at that. These are 3 ATC's - Artist Trading Cards, that I made a while back... will put some more recent ones on soon.
They all use various techniques including digital manipulation (photoshop), stamping, stitching, embossing, and collage.
I never thought I'd enjoy ATC swapping so much - but it is a lot of fun. Especially going to the letterbox to collect all the swaps.

Sardine Tin Swap

Who would have thought that the humble sardine tin could become a canvas for a miniature artwork? I recently participated in my first altered sardine tin swap, and this is the result.
The quote reads "life is like a can of sardines and we are all of us looking for the key".
Unfortunately, sardine tins don't come with keys anymore, so I rolled back the lid with pliers, and fashioned a key out of wire, hammered it flat, and attached it to the tin, and added a charm. Decorated the tin with tissue papers, braid, image x 3 (3D), beads, vintage door knob plate, fabric flowers, hand punched metal embellishment 'surrender', inks and paint. Then I attached it to a mini easel which I painted, and hand wrote "seek and ye shall find" on the easel. There's also a keyhole attached to the back of the easel with the word "LIFE" hand punched on metal shim inside the lock.
I'm pretty happy with the result!