Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sardine Tin Swap

Who would have thought that the humble sardine tin could become a canvas for a miniature artwork? I recently participated in my first altered sardine tin swap, and this is the result.
The quote reads "life is like a can of sardines and we are all of us looking for the key".
Unfortunately, sardine tins don't come with keys anymore, so I rolled back the lid with pliers, and fashioned a key out of wire, hammered it flat, and attached it to the tin, and added a charm. Decorated the tin with tissue papers, braid, image x 3 (3D), beads, vintage door knob plate, fabric flowers, hand punched metal embellishment 'surrender', inks and paint. Then I attached it to a mini easel which I painted, and hand wrote "seek and ye shall find" on the easel. There's also a keyhole attached to the back of the easel with the word "LIFE" hand punched on metal shim inside the lock.
I'm pretty happy with the result!


  1. Love your sardine tin..... you did a great job, considering it is your first one! xxMargaret.

  2. Debbi, just found your blog & lo & behold there is your gorgeous altered sardine tin that now resides proudly in my studio.
    LOVE it!! Hugs Lucy


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