Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sari Silk Wrap Jewellery

I am preparing a few things to take with me to my first public Art Fair - including these sari silk beaded wrap bracelets that I've just finished designing.

After a bit of experimentation, I'm happy with the result.

Sari silk is beautiful to work with and available here (or here is easier for us Australians!).
Sari Silk before stitching

For these bracelets, I started by stitching long lengths of the silk using various stitches on my machine and stitching to about 2cm wide.  This becomes the wrap for the wrist.  Cut off the frayed edges to your liking - I left some of the fraying as I think it adds a nice look.

Then I wet the silk ribbon and twisted it into a tight ball and left it to dry.  This adds creases and character to the ribbon wrap.
After stitching, wet and twist and leave to dry.

Then, using various beads, connectors, wire, and findings, I've been able to get a lovely finished product, which looks very boho cool!  Especially at the moment, it's very fashionable to wear a bunch of mixed bracelets at one time.
Make charms with beads and findings.

The finished bracelets are looking lovely, and I'll look forward to taking these with me to the Art Fair and displaying them on these gorgeous pieces of driftwood.


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