Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blessed with Family.

I have a wonderful friend who is facing a huge challenge at the moment.  Today, she is have a double mastectomy for breast cancer - that has come back after 15 years in remission.

It got me thinking about my family, my health, my life.  And everything that is precious to me.

It got me thinking about the gift that I have been given, and the legacy that I am gifting the world - my children.

It got me thinking about my exemplary parents, who are the most selfless and beautiful people, and who have shown me and given me so much.

It got me thinking about my hubby, and his parents, who became my family 24 years ago, and to whom I owe so much gratitude.  My husband has been an incredible role model to our two children, and sure, married life together for 24 years has it's twists and turns, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I am blessed.

We never know when our turn to be faced with something so overwhelmingly difficult is going to come up.  Maybe we will be lucky and get to a ripe old age without suffering at the hands of illness and pain.  Like my grandmother who lived to 103 years old.

But if, life doesn't go to plan, where will your family be?  Will they turn up because they feel obliged or because they love you?  Will they lose sleep and worry for you or will they shrug it off as your problem?  

Family is what counts most to me.  And so I put together a list of old-fashioned tips, some I've learned from my parents, and some are just what I do in my own little family.  But whatever works for you, invest in your family, and keep your family together.  Because when the hard times hit, it's the family that you will want around you the most. 

(and a few of my own tips just because)

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  1. Thanks for that. I once read an article about how the big things are not the ones that make our kids know we love them (think summer trip to europe, new car, extravagant birthday/barmitzvah) it's the little, constant things, like all the simple yet eternal must-dos on your beautiful list. So far, I'm floundering, but I'll keep trying!!!


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