Saturday, April 28, 2012

Trying to work out the blogging thing.

Gee there are some amazing blogs out there.

Now that I'm into Pinterest I've been visiting loads of blogs.  Creative blogs - cooks, artists, crafters, builders, DIY people and all sorts of stuff.

As a result, I decided to change my blog header and look. I t's taken me the better part of 4 hours on a Saturday afternoon to do this and it makes me wonder how all these bloggers get the time to maintain and update their blogs.  Also, how do they get the advertising?

Can anyone give me any tips?

For some reason, I also have had about 2000 page views every month - yet I only have 12 followers?  How do these bloggers get thousands of followers?

If you are stopping by my itsy bitsy blog for a peek, please leave me a comment if you can answer the above for questions!

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