Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bring Back Creativity.

What has happened to us?? Birthday presents have turned into vouchers, money inside cards, and electronic gadgetry! I vote to turn the tide and go back to the good old days of presents with a bit of heart!
My niece turned 13 recently and although I know she would have been thrilled to get a voucher to use at the shopping center, I decided I would give her a different voucher... A "learn to crochet with Aunty Debbi" voucher. This idea quickly became a bit more than just the printing up of a voucher to pop inside the card.
I crocheted a granny square, sewed it onto some nice paper and backing - making a little tag pocket for my voucher. Then I got a plain calico bag and personalised it with her initial appliqu├ęd on to some fabric which I embellished with some crocheted flowers and buttons.
I filled the bag up with colored wools and a selection of crochet hooks.

She was delighted! And we will be starting our first lesson this weekend.
My grandma would be so proud of me! There should be a world wide movement to get kids off the couch, away from gadgets, out of malls, and back to creativity and sports!!

I'm all for that concept.

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  1. What a great idea and a beautiful educational and meaningful gift!!!

  2. Excellent idea Debbi....I wish my granny had taught me that ...she crocheted everything.


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