Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Literally a "Pinspiration"

I stumbled across a good idea on Pinterest recently and as soon as I saw the picture I went to my scraps box and whipped up this pincushion in 15 minutes.

I now have a pinterest inspired pincushion on my sewing machine. A True Pinspiration.

I only checked afterwards, that the original idea used ribbon to attach to the sewing machine, but I used elastic and a buttonhole.

Very happy!

Every sewer knows the perils of pins! My pins always fall on the floor or spike my fingers as I try to get them out of my pinbox. This way, I have a pincushion attached to my machine which also looks really cute and is very functional!

How to make:
1. Measure elastic to fit around machine.
2. Measure and cut thick fabric that folds in half to fit front panel of machine. Add an extra 4cm for the buttonhole panel. My fabric was 14x12cm which I folded to 14x6.
3. Fold the fabric and sew in the elastic on the short side of the folded fabric.

Continue sewing the longer side so you have 2 sides sewn and one shorter side left open.
4. Turn inside out and stuff with some stuffing. I stuffed about 11cm into the tube which is the measurement of the front panel of my machine.
5. Stitch a seam to hold the stuffing in - leaving about 3cm for the button hole section. My seam was at 11cm - the same as the front panel of my machine. The seam separates the stuffing from the buttonhole panel.

6. Turn in the raw end and stitch. Put in your buttonhole. Or if you can't, then a bit of Velcro or a press stud would work.

7. Sew the button to the end of the elastic and attach to the machine.



  1. love this! ive made my own out of an old bit of tshirt!-

  2. Simple - Clever. I've seen this before, but never with the instructions...that helps! Thanks for taking the time to document your steps. Now it's up to me!


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