Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wow... I can cross this off my list

Today is a big day for me.

I managed to cross one thing off my to-finish-list!!

I uploaded my blog AT LAST!!!

Now all I have to do is finish the rest of the things on my list, and then I may have something to blog about!

So... what projects to left to do? Finish 2 cushions for the lounge, finish 3 table cloths (I've had the fabric waiting for 2 years), make a pinboard for hubby's new office, finish a 9 panel collage "from the heart", finish a photo-charm necklace/mobile, finish my cookbook, finish my altered printer's tray, finish organising my studio, finish a project for a swap I'm in.... organise an event I have coming up (80 kids), fit in a commission (album) I have coming up, and work out some projects for holiday workshops....not much really! Stay posted.


  1. Wow Debbi. I'm so impressed you have a blog to share your amazing work now with the world!!

    I look forward to seeing this site evolve and help other people become even more creative. I'd like to learn from you!

    Love Greg

  2. Great site debs. Now you will have the time to look at mine too!

  3. Debbi you are a real talent and lover of life!
    You've been blessed with so many gifts that you not only use for business but also share with others through acts of love, kindness and charity.
    Many people will retain special memories that might have otherwise gradually faded into nothingness because of all your tireless efforts...
    Can't wait to see the cookbook, and to buy it!

  4. Can't wait to hear more about your creative adventures: Your beautiful love of life and endless creativity is not only used for business but you also share your talents for good causes and never hesitate to share your knowledge with others. Many people are going to have everlasting memories that otherwise might have faded because of your tireless efforts.
    Can't wait for the cookbook! The world is waiting for your cooking...

  5. Debbi, welcome to the "world of blogging". Love the beginnings and look forward to seeing your blog prosper out there in bloggerspace! Keep creating and try and finish a project or two!!! xxxmargaret weiss( fellow blogger, no relation!).


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