Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Valentines Day Creation

I've been charged with making some decorations for the florist shop where I work for Valentines Day. After having a quick look at the catalogue of florist shop point of sale decorations, I decided that I would rather do something with a bit more handmade flair.
I found a couple of polystyrene hearts in our storeroom, and decided to turn them into big, plush, red felt hearts that we could hang in the shop window.
I used about 2.5 meters felt for each heart that I made. You also need long strong pins - I used floristry pins.
Start by cutting 10cm strips and then cut them into squares and then into circles.

Fold the circles in half then in half again and pin to the top of the heart surface till completely covered.

When the top is covered, turn over and do the other side then continue around the side edges. I cut slightly smaller circles to do the sides.

On my second heart, I painted the heart with red paint first, so that I didn't need to worry to much if there were a couple of gaps.

In the background you can also see some hanging heart garlands that I made. If you'd like me to post how I did them, please let me know.
Now... Lets hope the customers feel the luuuuurve!

Also did a similar one using paper doilies and a fresh rose in the center. I used a pink rose for the pic but we'll be putting in a red rose for Valentines day.

The rose is in a water tube which is hidden under the doilies. I used white wired string to secure it in place.

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