Thursday, March 29, 2012

To Etsy or Not...that is the question?

I've been thinking about trying out a little etsy shop.... but what to make?  I've decided if I go there, it will be with some beading.  Love, love, love beading!  And it's very in right now.  So I tested out a couple of ideas, including the bracelet below, using fabrics, leather, beads, semi-precious stones and other bits and pieces.  I actually gave this bracelet as a gift to a good friend.  What do you think?  Comments anyone?

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  1. What a lovely and inspiring blog you have created here. I agree that growing up is over rated and that we should keep the kid in us alive and healthy. I am a 66 years young wife, mother and grandmother enjoying each and very day the good Lord blesses me with. Your newest follower, Connie :) Looks like you're a busy gal, but if you have a free minute come on over for a visit, my welcome mat is always out. Who knows you may decide to follow me, too.


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